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Where Are You All From?

Guest Choc

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Born in Rhode Island, but now live in the US Virgin Islands :rasta: (for the past ten years). Should be paradise, but not really. :duh: I am ready to move back stateside.... :up:

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I liive in Beautiful OKINAWA JAPAN

I was born in the USA. I don't consider myself "from" the state that I was born in. Too many bad things happened there.

So, I will just say that I am originally from HEAVEN :inn:


:throb: Ellaneese

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I was born in Massachusetts came to California when I was 3. Most of my family still lives there in Turners Falls, Shelburn, Cape Cod.

I have moved all around Orange County, CA and Sacramento.

Ellaneese, I have a friend who also lives in Okinawa Japan on the base.


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Okinawa reminds me of the beautiful scenes from Kill Bill.

Lucky Ellaneese...I'd love to live in Japan.

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California, I just live here though. lol I don't know where I'm from, I've been moving all over since I was a child back and forth sorta kinda.

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I'm Australian - I think that makes two of us so far..

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I'm from Connecticut. I'd like to move elsewhere in Connecticut or another New England state, like Vermont or Rhode Island because I hate living in the city. I want to see cows and farms and stuff.

Much Love,


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I'm from Chicago, and it's where my heart is, no matter where I am. But I am in Indiana for school, in the middle of cornfields. LOL.

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I am from Atlanta, Georgia, but I live in Macon, Ga. right now where I go to college. :dance:


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Guest AllisonY2K

I am in sunny (and currently hurricane-free) Sarasota, FL.

but I have also lived in:

Tampa, FL (<---- ugh. bad memories)

St. Petersburg, FL

Manitowoc, WI

..and I much prefer FL to WI, not so much in the summer, but definatly during the winter months! :P

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