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It's been 21 years since I saw 30 so... yeah ;)

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I was feeling a little over the hill lately and I guess talking about some of this stuff reminds me of how old I am now. I am glad that there are others out there close to my age. I have been told to grow up so many times.

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I was feeling a little over the hill lately and I guess talking about some of this stuff reminds me of how old I am now. I am glad that there are others out there close to my age. I have been told to grow up so many times.

Gee, do you think our experiences keep us young at heart??? Okay, bad joke, I know, but I do truly think we do not mature like "normal" people because of what we have gone through. On the other hand, sometimes it makes me feel older than dirt. (And just about as worthless... :( ) Fortunately those days are less and less now. :dance:

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I am 37 and pushing the cart towards 40 :woot: . Age is just a number to me because I know children more mature than some 50 year olds :blink: . Unfortunately, most of us here had to grow up very quickly :unsure: .

Nope, you're not too old no matter what your age :up: .



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I think turning 30 for me has been kinda weird because part of me still thinks of myself as that little girl, you know?  I have a hard time believing that I'm 30 and "an adult."

i ditto thaat... i dont think i am an adult in my personal life (maybe at work)...aren't adults suposed to know whats going on in their own heads and not do silly things?

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I'm 21...yah I think we have all ages :P I hope I don't feel old when I'm 30! That's sooooooooo young! Actually I hope I don't ever feel old...even if I'm pushin the enevelop and ready to go! :P

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I'll be 23 in January :)

People tell me I am old for my age, does that make sense :o

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I am glad to see all the different ages here because I am feeling very old went to a doc for a physical for work and you wouldn't believe how I get treated. those idiots are just looking for the young women and men treat women my age as ancient. No wonder the younger people treat people my age so poorly. I can't believe our society is so down on people my age.

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I'll be 29 in October... (dang, I had to ask my husband if I was going to be 28 or 29 next month... pretty sad hu?!) I'm thinking that maybe I have a fear of getting old because some how to me getting old, or older means growing up and I don't ever want to grow up!!!!!!!! Can't I just be 23 forever?! I'll even go for 18... old enough to drive and live on my own... I don't much care about the drinking part... any how, I always thought it was SOOOOO much "cooler" to be able to drink when I wasn't of legal drinking age! Ok... I'll shut up now and take my foot out of my mouth... so yeah, I'll be 29 in October... 30 is waving to me just down the road.

Broken hearted,


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Yeah, age is definitely considered a negative thing in our culture.

Which is very sad... because it's like people write off half of their lives. The important part, the part where you know what's going on and what to expect.

Age is very unimportant in my eyes. Old people will always retain some youth and many young people have a certain wisdom that only comes with age. As far as I'm concerned, age is simple a number we attach to ourselves that really has no meaning. :)

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Turning 30 was the hardest for me. I wouldn't have a problem with my age now except that I am finding "some" younger people going out of thier way to try to confuse me. But if I get confused it's because I am baffled about why they would put so much time into such stupid things. I have been through a lot like a lot of other people have. :dance:

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Who cares what people think! You know you are not old!! I mean if you are happy with how you are then tell them how it is!!! Who cares what those men are looking for! I don't think 30 is ancient.!!! In fact I'm 21, the only two people I've made friends with in my area are older then me, one is 31 and the other is 52. I absoultely would never treat them poorly...I think they are great wonderful friends and I love them dearly!!! I think its a little sterotypical to say young people, because I am assuming I'm in that category and I would never disrepect or discriminate against a person because of age.

My mom is the same way and she is only 51. I think my mom is absoultely beautiful....but she just doesn't believe it.! I don't understand...maybe because I'm ignornat to it because I don't see the point in the worry, but I don't see the big deal in being 30, 40, 50, 100. My sister is 30 and her and I are inseparable. I have more older friends then friends my age. I just want to enjoy life no matter what age I am. I don't think people should worry about what others think....I think it is all in how your attitude is about yourself. I think if somebody is treating you poorly...if you thought it was b/c of your age...I'd tell them where to stick it! But I'm pretty awnry person.! :P

I just think we should appreciate each other based on who we are as people, not anything more. Please don't think that all "young people" see or treat what some may consider as "older people" in a negative way because that's just not true. I guess I'm just one of those people that think age is just a number, not anything more. I don't think wisdom comes with age, I think it comes from experience. But life could always prove me wrong. :hug:

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I'm not 30 I'm 51 and it doesn't bother me except when I need to get a job. unfortunately I let my sef go and have arthritis and age is showing up more with a dragon's fire

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Sorry I know this is a little off topic....I have Lupus, which is an immune definency disease...I have arthritic pains too. (its a symptom of lupus....actually at any point, given if I don't take care of myself, my bones can break...and I can be crippled) I have a pretty good idea how painful it can be. I can relate to how sometimes you feel people treat you poorly. When I first found out about my lupus I was a junior in high school and I lost a lot of friends. Later on when I was at work, somebody I actually went to high school with told a coworker, and if he walked by me and accidently touched my, or my suit, he would scream that he was infected. He would scream at me not to touch him, or the pens that he "might write with"...but its his problem not mine. Anyhow You can tell me you 10,000 years old and I don't think it makes a difference. I think people here are very accepting of everybody here. I hope you don't ever feel that disrepect from anybody here, and if you ever feel that you are (at least from me) I want ya to call me out on it! B/c that's not ever going to be my personal intention. I'm really glad you have come to AS and I truly hope you find the support you are looking for here and the happiness you deserve. Welcome to the family. :hug:

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I had a major accident when I was 23 when I finally started walking again one year later some one asked why I limped up to that point I had no idea that I limped. now I have people quesationing my ability to do a job that I have been doing for 24 years. go figure

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