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New And Mixed Emotions

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hi there,

this is my very first post here, and i'm not yet sure how to start, am not even sure yet about what i want to share at this point, i am however sure that this is a step in the good direction.

i've allready taken my time to read some storys of the other "survivors" but like many at the start of this journey or whatevere you wan't to call it, i don't feal like a survivor yet, i feel like i'm still in the middle of trying to survive, and am not sure if i will succeed at this point.

i will leave it at this for now.

i also would like to up front thank the poeple that make this possible, it sure does mean a lot to me, and when i say that i think is speak for everyone at the site!

hoping to be able too open up too you soon,

for now take care....

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Hey, welcome to AS! I'm so glad you found this site. The people here are so caring and understanding. The things you talk about with others who haven't been hurt like you, you can talk about here. We are here for you. Hang in there, msg me anytime. God bless you. I hope you can open up soon. I love you even though I don't know you. :hug::throb::bighug:

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Guest tobe0501


intransitive verb: not die or disappear: to remain alive or in existence or able to live or function, especially succeed in staying alive when faced with a life-threatening danger

You did this!

transitive verb live through something: to come through a life-threatening experience or a period of difficulty and remain alive, in existence, or in a previous position or life.

You did this too!

transitive verb live longer than somebody: to remain alive after the death of a particular person.

In some ways, going though what you've been though is a death of a person, death to some of the dreams you had. But you remained alive.

You are a survivor. Remember that!


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Guest crazybeautiful

Hi fem,

That’s a nice way to put it. I think you just echoed the sentiment of a hundred others here who are still “struggling” to feel like a survivor. We will have our down days, days when giving up seems easier…But I think we already have earned the ‘survivor’ title, just by being here and being among the thousands who broke the silence. This is a good step for you and I am glad you are here with us on AS. Looking forward to hearing more from you, CLMP

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tnx everybody


what you say is very true, i've not yet looked at it that way, in that way i am a survivor, i'm still here, i'm still alive, i'm hurt, but not broken, i can still be fixed, i'm not a lost cause as long as someone is willing to fight for me, and as long as i am willing to fight, and believe me thats what i intend to do, i will get thru this, and hopefuly even be stronger then before!

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Welcome to AS!

If we all felt like survivors all the time, we wouldn't be here! You're definitely welcome here, and I think you'll fit in just fine. Take it easy on yourself. See you around,


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Welcome to AS :hi:

I struggle with the term survivor sometimes too, I have learned though that all of us are stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

Sending you good thoughts :flowers:

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Welcome to After Silence :flowers:

It took me awhile to really feel like a survivor, but this place is what helped me find that survivor within me! Take your time and read the posts, hopefully they will make you feel less alone. Share as you are ready, and we will be right there to support you when you do.

Nicole :throb:

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