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New Here

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Hi I am new (wow is there any other way to start these posts? LOL).

I am a 28yo survivor of RA, I am also DID but dont hold that against us :flowers:

I go by Tricky on the forums.

Nice to find this place, hope to stick around and get to know a few of ou


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Welcome Tricky!!! :flowers:

AS is a wonderful sight, and I am glad you found it. I have been here for a while and it has truly helped me overcome anger and any doubts and fears I once had. Going on live chats were also very helpful for me to get out whatever I was feeling and helped me converse with other survivors of the same things I have went through.

You aren't alone, and you are loved! Good luck on your healing :luck:. I'll be around if you want someone to talk to. Just look me up or drop me a message.

Take care of yourself!

*Creator of Art* o_0


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Hi Welcome to AS :flowers: I hope you find what you are looking for here. I look forward to seeing you around the boards.



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Hello Tricky,

How are you? I'm glad you found us! See you around,


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Hello Tricky, and welcome to After Silence :flowers:

I hope that we can all help you on your journey. Good to have you here :)

Nicole :throb:

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Guest crazybeautiful

Hi! Welcome to AS! Nice to have you here. Hope we get to know each other better. I am quite new myself and have found some of the most amazing, honest and courageous women on this site. You take care okay.

oh and no, i dont think there's any other way to start a post like this :)

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Hello there and although your have a dissociative identity disorder (she put it down as DID) you can still lead a normal healthy life ^.^ Although... I would not mind lobotomizing whoever hurt you because after reading your poems I really need to vent...

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