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Unfortunately, Another Joiner To The Ranks

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Hi everyone,

I'm another (hopefully) survivor and this is all pretty fresh and new to me. Just hoping to find some support and a sounding board. I'm 34 years old and still reeling that something like this could happen to someone my age with my life experiences. Hope to find some friends here

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If anything, you'll find nearly a second family here! Welcome aboard, and whilst I'm sorry you've had to go through anything to even look for AfterSilence, we're oh-so-happy to have another person on board. If you get what I mean... :unsure:

In any case, WELCOME!!! :hi:

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Welcome to AS!

Yes, you too, can survive! I'm glad you've joined...hope to see you around,


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Welcome to After Silence. I hope you find a lot of comfort and helpfulness here. Its a very warm place to talk and open up. Take your time

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Hello Vanillalee73 welcome to AS. You'll find so many supportive friends here and by joining, you'll find it helps you on your path to recovery.

Sending caring healing thoughts to you.


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Welcome Vanilla! We're glad to have you here, it isn't unfortunate at all. :hug:

I hope you'll find this website as helpful as I have.


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Hello and I echo everyone else's sentiments when I say that I am glad you are here - this is a lovely place to find friends, support and gain the inner peace you are seeking.

Please make yourself comfortable!

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Welcome to AS!

You will find support and strong within this community of survivors. If you to talk, let me know. I am willing to be the support that you are looking for.


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Welcome to After Silence, Vanilla :flowers:

It is a harsh reality, but sexual assault can happen to anyone. I know I never believed that until it happened to me. I hope that being here will help you in feeling less alone. This is a wonderfully dynamic and supportive place full of wonderful people.

Nicole :throb:

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