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you can call me Sorrel.

I am really hurting right now and need a safe place where my wounds aren't judged. I need gentleness.

What I suffered was insidious, cumulative.

I have the usual.. depression and complex PTSD. In long term therapy, on meds, etc etc. I'm really struggling with releasing my defence mechanims and dissociation at the moment, and am very split and scared.

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:flowers: Hi Sorrel, you are in a very safe and welcoming place here. Looking forward to getting to know you.

best wishes and welcome, Paula :notalone:

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Hi Sorrel, ad welcome to After Silence. :bighug:

You are among friends here, so feel free to lean on us for support. You are not alone, we are here for you. :tealribbon:

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hi and welcome to AS!

even though the reasons arent good I'm glad you were able to find us and i hope you find the help and support you need and deserve. everyones really friendly and supportive so feel free to go at your own pace and post when you're ready


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Welcome to After Silence, Sorrel :flowers:

You have certainly found a place where you will not be judged. I am sure you will find many people who can relate to what you are dealing with. I hope you find your way around the boards and get comfy. This is really a wonderfully supportive place :)

Nicole :throb:

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