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I am just letting you know taht I am new to this site. I have ben dealing with this abuse for a long time now actualy have been stuffed it away and now i still have a very very very very very hard time talking about it! It makes me angry and frustrated that people get away with this CRAP!!! I hope to meet some people who understand. If anyone has MPD/DID let me know so i can get some help!!!


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welcome to AS

There are many forums here about MPD/DID, and many members also...check under the aftermath section. There is much support and friendship floating around.

See you around,


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Welcome to AS huni

I have DID, if you ever need to talk about it feel free to PM me. My understanding of the AS rule is that DID alters or insiders are not allowed to post, for the safety of ourselves and the other members. If you need/want help understanding DID and finding a safe place for your alters to post feel free to PM me and i will send you the links.

Be strong and be safe


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Welcome to After Silence :flowers:

It is difficult to open up, but it is also a huge step in your healing. I hope that you will feel comfortable here and that you will get what you need out of being here.

Nicole :throb:

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hi and welcome to AS - it IS hard to talk but you've found a good place here and we;re all here for you so go at your own pace and feel free to post when youre ready and able


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