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Just wanted to say hello and I am glad to have found a place like this. I am in the process of "dealing with" (I hate that phrase!) some icky nasty confusing issues and this seems like a nice community.

thanks for having me. For better or worse, you will probably be hearing a lot more from me. :flowers:

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It is great to have you 1234dresden we are glad you are here. This is the place to "deal with it" we are all here for you.

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welcome to AS :)

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hi and welcome to AS - even though the reasons arent good i'm glad you were able to find us and i hope you can no get the help and support you need and deserve here - everyones really friendly and supportive so go at your own pace and feel free to post when youre ready and we're here for you all the way through youre jouney of healing


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Welcome to After Silence :flowers:

I am glad you found this community, it is a very supportive and compassionate place. I do hope you find what you need here.

Nicole :throb:

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