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Hi, I'm afraid I have a really silly little issue to bring up. I've noticed that I sometimes become insecure when I see the vast number of views on my posts, and then the few replies. I completely understand that lots of people are unable to respond, or don't have anything to say, or are just checking the other replies, etc, but it still sometimes lets a niggle of doubt creep in that maybe I'm not being believed or that people find me annoying to respond to or something silly like that. I do understand the reality of the situation and I know it's something I should just get over, but I've heard several other people mention similar fears regarding the view count to reply count ratio. I was wondering if the view count numbering is necessary, and if it's possible to maybe hide or get rid of? It's just something little and silly, so I completely understand if we can't. Feel free to tell me I'm completely off base on this one. Just wondering if anyone feels the same way, or if something can be done about it possibly. Again, if not, I completely understand and I must just get over it, lol.

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I also wish view count wasn't there!! I think it is very misleading and like you - I think it may well make many people anxious if a post they write gets lots of views but few replies.

It is more likely that the same people who have already replied are re-viewing the post each time a new reply is added - plus your own views of your post - so the cound very quickly adds up - but I do understand that knowing technically why the count is often very much higher than the replies doesn't help very much emotionally

best wishes


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Yes, unfortunately, the view count is very misleading. Every time that topic is looked at, it's considered a 'view.' If you go back to check replies your 'view' is counted too. If someone else reads then doesn't reply but maybe goes back to check for others' replies, that's more views. Add to that anyone who has replied going back to check the replies and it mounts quickly. And some people get more from reading our posts and have nothing to reply with. If we could look at it the way Todlyn does, maybe it would be better for us. Not everyone who reads a post has the time or might not be in a place to respond. Besides, if everyone who viewed wrote a reply do you know how long it would take to get through this forum each day??? LOL We'd all do nothing but read posts and reply every single day. The world would come to a grinding halt! :wink:

I hope you're able to take a step back and not take the view count personally. I'm like you in that I think it's unneccesary and wish there was a way to disable it. Especially on a support forum like this because it can and does engender negative feelings.




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i have fely the same way before, but now i feel more like todlyn. at least people are reading it and im not alone in it.

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I'm happy if someone just reads my stuff...I don't like having only a few replies and 100 something views, but I am still getting it out in the open.

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Ya know what needs to be thought of? :)

How many posts do each of us including myself look over and not reply to?

My best advice is, don't look at the count. As Ardatha stated, it takes many counts to even just reply to a post, atleast 5 then you have the amount of times the actual poster looks.

Be proud of yourself for just posting, that takes enough courage. :hug:

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i just wanted to add that I personally go and re read topics ALL the time. I check to see what other people have written, if anyone wanted me to elaborate on what I may have said, I check it again too see other peoples veiws on the topic to see where I can improve on my answer and generally just wanna make sure people are being supported in a postive way and also if i think of something else I may go back and post it or someone else might have already so i leave it. So if this is done by one person on this entire board by one post.. i can only imagine why the veiws get up sooo high. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

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Also, i just checked the new posts and noticed how many veiws there were on the easier to answer threads like the "yes or no" or the "band name game" etc. There is over double the amount of veiws on those than actual replies and in my opinion they are quite easy to respond to. Im not trying to make you feel silly by mentioning these things, i just want you to be comfortable about it coz im pretty sure you cant disable that feature. :)

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