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Saying Hello

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Hi I'm Reyzl. I've been reading for a couple of days not sure whether to post. This seems like a caring, supportive place. I was abused by my father growing up and am now in therapy for the second time, dealing with flashbacks, etc ~ having some difficult times lately with what's coming up.

I'm a mature student in my 30's and I live with my crazy but adorable cat :kitty:~ oh, I've just realised it's his birthday today :clap::party:

Maybe I'll post my story soon ~ just not sure where to start.

Glad to find you all,

Reyzl :)

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Welcome to AS!

I hope you find much comfort and support here.

See you around, thanks for joining!


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I'm pretty new here too and am only just finding my feet, but so far everyones been really loving, kind and gentle (something I think everyone here needs) and I'm sure you'll find everyone to be that way too. I keep debating posting my story but figure when I'm ready, I'll feel comfortable with the idea...basically I'm trying to say don't push yourself!


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Welcome to As and I hope you find it as supportive as I have.

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HI Welcome to AS. I am glad you have found this site. It is such a wonderful place to come for support. Everone here is always willing to help in any way that they can so please don't be afraid to let us know if you need anything. I look forward to seeing you around the boards. Take care



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Hi and welcome to you and your cat!!

best wishes


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just to say hi and welcome to as - take your time with posting your story know its a really hard thing to do and were all here for you in any way can be :aswelcomesu:

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Hi Reyzl!

Happy Birthday to Cat! :birthday:

I hope you continue to find this a place of love and support, and congratulations on finding the courage to make your first post! Feel free to get in touch anytime.

Claire x

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:flowers: Hi Reyzl, welcome to AS, you're among friends here and there is a lot of support for you when you need it. Happy birthday to your cat!!
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Hi! Thank you so much for the lovely welcome everyone. I was a bit apprehensive about posting but you've all made it feel so much less scary to be new!

My cat appreciates the birthday wishes, lol. He's celebrated his birthday by sleeping all day and ignoring me :hammer:

Thanks again :flowers:


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Hi and happy birthday to the cat!! I'm due to move into my first house soon and cant wait to get a kitten! Cats give you respect and love and don't judge... :up:

Thanks :lol:! Cat's are great, but let me warn you ~ kittens are little destroying machines!! I could NOT go through my cat's kittenhood again! Hope you end up with a good one :wink: Trust your gut ~ mine kicked me to death as soon as I picked him up for the first time. Should have seen it as a sign of things to come, lol ~ not that I'd be without him now of course!

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Welcome to After Silence, Reyzl :flowers:

Well, your cat and I share the same birthday, I am banking on me being older though :wink:

I am sorry for what you have been through, and to hear you are struggling. I hope that our supportive, compassionate community can offer you much on your healing journey.

Nicole :throb:

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