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Always Getting Logged Out

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I have the "remember me" clicked and so I sign in... and then 5 minutes later I click something to view a post, change topics, or even more annoying, to post a topic that I took time writing, and I get the message that I need to sign in again, and then I have to start all over. Is there a reason I can't stay signed in (no matter which computer I'm using)? Is there a setting I need to specifically chose so that I'm not always getting logged out somehow?


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You might need to set your browser to accept cookies. That's how the "remember me" works.


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I've got cookies set up. Also, I use one wireless computer and two not. One of the desktops is at work and one is at home... so all kind of systems, but as far as I can tell the cookies do fine.

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I understand that... but this is typically about every fifteen minutes, when I'm only signed onto one computer at a time. Sometimes it lasts longer, but if I'm busy typing on a reply on one page for a while or I let the screen go idle I get logged out.

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When you are typing a post online, typically the server or website will record that as no activity. If you've set your browser to disconnect after a certain amount of time of inactivity, it will consider posts that take longer to finish as inactivity. Also, it could be a setting your server has. Or even the forum software. I know if I am typing a post on our forum, which is also Invision, and go too long it will treat it as if I've been idle the whole time.

I hope you find out what the problem is. Gentle cyberhugs.


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