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Hello, I'm New Here


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Hi everyone,

I found this forum through a search. I was looking for a nice message board for survivors of abuse and this place looks nice. I am in my 40s, I survived childhood abuse and then other instances of abuse after I was a child, too. I am glad to have found this place and hope to be posting more and getting to know you as tiime goes on. Thank you for making this message board for survivors. :throb:

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:P Hello,welcome!! :) Hope u find wot u want & need here!! I 2 am a survivour of ch*ld a*use..... I love ur av!! (pic....) :woot:

:hug: & :wub:

Sooks xoxox

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Welcome.I hope that being a part of this wonderful community will help in your healing journey :hug:

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Welcome to the board sweetie, please post as much as you would like and know that you are not alone.


Donna =)

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Guest tiggeranpooh

Hi Angela,

Hope you don't mind me gatecrashing this, but as a newbie I thought rather than start up a new thread I would just take the opportunity to say hello on this one as well.

It certainly seems as if the community here is a great place and, although I have little time because of real life pressures to come online an awful lot, I do hope I can be around a little.

A very quick intro. 36, survivor of child abuse (culminating in rape) over a 3 year period by a family friend. Also a victim of sexual molestation to my grandfather around the same time.

Had years of trying to deal with it - anxiety, panic attacks, all the usual. Kept going until I crashed in my late twenties and effectively had a nervous breakdown.

Picked myself up and now happily settled with the most adorable partner who is kind, understanding and considerate, as well as being my soul mate.

I finally decided I wanted to try and give if I could to help others, and found this site.

So, had a peek around, and finally decided to join.

Thanks Angela for putting up with me rambling on here. I hope I haven't offended by doing so. :unsure:


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Guest butterfly

Hi Angela,

WELCOME......Im pretty new here to, and also a survivor of childhood

sexual abuse.....on the road to healing.

This is a wonderful place to be, I have found alot of support here.




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hi and welcome

love and hugs :throb:

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Welcome to After Silence, Angela! I'm sorry for the reasons that brought you here, but I'm glad you have found us.

Take gentle care,


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