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Thank You To The Admins And Mods

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To all The Admin And Mods,

I just wanted you all to know that I think you are doing a wonderful job here. You put in countless hours to keep this site going and to keep us safe and I think at times all your hard work and dedication to all of us gets overlooked. I really appreciate everything you do!!! This site helps thousands of people everyday and without it I know alot of us would have no where to turn for support. Without AS I am not sure how I would Have got through the past several months. I have made some wonderful friends here who I know will be in my life forever and that was only possible because of all of your hard work to keep AS going!! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do! You really are appreciated!!!!!

Anyone else who would like to add to this please feel free to do so. I think are Admin and Mods could use a little love :)

Good job Ladies :clap::bighug::chin::bighug:

Much love


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Thank you for the lovely post. :flowers:

I think I speak for all the After Silence staff when I say that the reasons we do the work we do here is to help other surivivors, like ourselves, who are in need of support during a very difficult time. We do it selflessly, and while we ask for nothing back, your thank you and appreciation is so very nice to read.

Thanks again :hug:

Nicole :throb:

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I am so thankful for your dedication to us!! I totally agree with Sadeyes, that if it wasn't for this forum, I would of never have met so many great people in here. You guys are so persistent and dedicated to the people on this board!! Thank you for your passion and drive to keep this forum going!! It is truely appericate your persistence!!!

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I hope they know they always have my love, it is an amazing job they do for an amazing place full of wonderful people .. :hug: :hug:

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No worries. I would also like to congratulate the board mods and thank them for the awesome job they do and creating the site. It has helped me out so much in life



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i thank this forum and the friends i've known/met forever also. i can't thank the board enough for existing and it has helped me so much since i joined.....thank you mods and keep up the good work. without this forum, i'm not sure i'd be right now and all. :clap :wine::wave::bighug::chin::up::):clap: :

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Thank you so much for all that you do to keep AS a safe and supportive community. Being here has been a powerful tool for my healing and I really appreciate your dedication.

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