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I keep seeing "-1 messages" at the top of the screen where it should just say "0 messages"...does anyone know how it can be fixed? Thanks sweeties.

Love, Haullie "throb"

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I think many of us are having problems with this - mine was up to -17 a while back or is that down to -17!!!! Don't think any one has found a way to sort it yet.


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nope - you are not the only one - mine is on -0 at the moment!

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It is honestly no big deal. You will get your pms if sent and the pms you send will be fine.

It is just a glitch.

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I'm sorry the upgrade didn't fix it.

Unfortunately, it is out of our hands. We can fix it manually for a short time but eventually it will come back. Only Invision can fix it permanently... and they should have had, considering how many people complained about it. :hammer:

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