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hi my name is Ella i have DID i cant remember if i had an account here before or not

the name Tribe is the name my alters mostly go by at some point i will put there names in my sig

i have no awaress of my alters so i talk to them through messages to and from my husband and emails or notes

Ella x

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:( i should have read the rules before i joined here

it seems that my alters arent welcome to post here my alters have a lot to say not just regarding what happned to them but also they are brillant at giveing support

its sad to see that a rules like this is inforced and that there isnt a lest one forum were alters can talk and vent there feelings yes you staff here arent drs etc . but you dont have to be

all you have to do is mod forums as you do make sure that extra special careful when alters post

if there have said something to triggering talk to the host and alters about this

i dont want to tell you how to run your forum far from it id just like to see something that is fair to thoese with DID and there alters

every alter do have rights and here there rights and voices arent welcome

everyone who has been abused alters or not voices should be herd

Ella x

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Welcome to After Silence :flowers:

Thank you for familiarizing yourself with the rules prior to posting. I am sorry you do not feel welcome here because of the rules and guidelines regarding DID. After Silence is a forum for survivors of sexual assault, and while many of our members do suffer from DID, the main focus of our board is healing from assault. There are many resources out there specifically for DID.

This thread: http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=26022

may explain our position on this issue a bit. I hope this helps.

Nicole :throb:

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Welcome to AS

See you around hopefully. I hope you give the board a chance...it really helps.


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i have read this and still dont understand what id wrong with alters posting its nothing like su posts were some one whats to end there life is some one asking for support dosent matter if there are host alters or body

i have had this stuggle my self with other forums and we sorted out the problems of host and alters posting were a single forum was set up for alters can you set that up maybe

and have mod who feel safe enought to mod there ?

its sad to see a site that support thoese who have been abused being discriminating to thoese who created from abuse

i will give the site a try but i feel strongly about this and alters have as much rights as any others

Ella & Tribe

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I'd just like to say welcome...

The DID rule is there for everyone's protection and you'll fine many survivor sites have it like that. I have DID and i make sure my alters don't post, eg they don't know my password and there is no way they can get on AS and if im logged on i log off straight away and go to a different board where i know they can post. I think the rule is good, i know one of my alters is a young girl who has been through enough, i would hate for her to get triggered by anything on here so it's to protect our alters.

here are some sites which are survivor sites and specifically made for alters to talk about their feelings etc (mods i hope its ok to post them- saves filtering through the posts and stickies to get them feel free to take them down if its not appropriate)



both are really good sites and have chat's in which alters can talk.

I have found AS the most helpful for healing so don't give up on it.

Take care


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Thank you for posting the links for these DID specific resources!

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I know how you feel about the rule. I have DID as well and I was upset when the rule was made. There are wonderful sites out there though that can help with DID stuff. Justice_Fighter posted some very nice ones by the way. :flowers:

This site is wonderful for healing, I hope you do give us a try. :hug:

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I don't think we're discriminating against anyone with this rule..........no more than we are by not allowing people who aren't survivors access to the site. Our mods do an amazing job as it is, and I believe it can be difficult to moderate when there are so many different things being posted from the same user.

I'm sorry you feel like this, I hope you give us a try but maybe you'll find that the sites Justice_fighter posted will be more to your liking.

take care of yourself


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