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Reminder About Sharing Personal Information And Internet Safety

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Hello After Silence family :)

This is just a reminder about personal safety on the boards and on the internet in general. While there are many well-meaning people out there, there are just as many with bad/negative intentions.

Here at AS, we have space for members to share instant messenger information for services such as AIM, Yahoo, MSN etc… Please only share this information in your profile if you wish to be contacted by other members of the board. Profiles are accessible to all registered members. Many of these services have security settings that require approval of new “friends” and only those on your friends list can message you. If you are not comfortable or are unfamiliar with someone who is trying to contact you through these services, remember you have every right to deny them.

After Silence and its staff cannot be held responsible for anything that transpires between our members in an outside transaction, even if the members acquired contact info through this board. We ask that you use your discretion regarding what information you give out and to who.

When sharing personal messaging information, remember it is also against our board rules to share such information if it contains your full name. Using full names is prohibited in all areas of the board including posts, chat, signatures, profiles and private messages. This is for your safety.

Please also refrain from posting personal contact info, such as physical or mailing address, cell phone or landline numbers, schools attended, workplace or any other details which could allow someone to find out more information about you. Please do not share personal information via the board's private messaging system - this is for legal reasons.

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