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An Idea - Portable Hugs?

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I love it. We did something similar in another forum I post on. We took a picture of the bear in a way that was meaningful for us. So if sunsets are your safe place, get a picture of bear in a sunset. Or if you're artistic, the bear holding your artwork.

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I think this is a great idea, and I would love to participate. I think for my own keepsake (not to be posted) I would also like to have my children hug that teddy bear, too, and take their pictures with it. I mean, my little boys are survivors, too. (I'm sure my daughter would like to have me take her picture as well, although, Thank God, she has never been through anything of this nature). I could, however, have my boys draw a picture or something to send on, and they both know how to write, so perhaps they could even write something in the journal, even if it's "Thank You".

Anyway, AS has been helping me in so many ways, and I, of course, have been helping my children. So I guess in some odd way, they're almost members here, too. (if it would be okay for them to do that). Please let me know the details and stuff, and we'll be waiting!



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I just found this thread and I think it's an absolutely wonderful idea. It's been over 1,5 months since the last post though, so... is this project still being considered? Is it running? Can I participate? Or is it hard because I live in Europe?

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You are awesome, this is a great idea!!

((((big teddy bear hgus to you))))

Much love,


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hope it works and is up and running soon

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I would love to participate!

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I am still hoping to get this off the ground at some point, I have the bear I just haven't got around to organising it! I'll get in touch with various people in the next few weeks and let you know the installments. I do want to get this off the ground but I've not been doing so good and I'm bogged under with work and college.

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ok i'm bumping this back up again because I am determined that this is going to get off the ground.

Even though I am only just letting you know and beginning to set this up again, I am going to say now that because this project involves sharing your address with me and possibly one other person (once I've checked again with her that she wants to be involved), it is entirely at your own risk. While I will of course not share your address with anyone, or do anything with it apart from arrange for the bear to be sent to you for your hugs, AS holds no responsibility for this project or for the risk of giving out your personal information.

I also ask that you will be able to afford to post the bear back to the USA, where the PO box will be. I'll be fronting the cost of posting it back to people, unless you are willing to post it onto a member who is willing to give you their address for you to post it to.

If this makes any sense, thank god cos I'm very tired! I'll sit down and rework out the details in the next couple of days.


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what a great idea, id love to be involved! :wub:

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I think this is a lovely idea Teazle :)

I would be happy to pay to post it wherever after giving it its cuddle!

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Very nice idea teazle :flowers:

My only worry would be if it got lost in the post, but we could do it registered mail or something.

:throb: the idea.

:) John

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