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An Idea - Portable Hugs?

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Hi all

I’ve had an idea that I have been thinking about for a few days and have voiced to another member who was in support of it so thought I would post here and see if anyone else was interested.

The idea is………..The AS Travelling Teddybear

There would be a teddy bear that I would get, give it a hug and then put it in a package to another AS member who would then give it a hug and send it on to the next person to get it, etc etc. Also in the package, I thought it would be nice if the sender could put something like a card, a little gift, a bracelet…..even just a piece of paper saying ‘you will survive’ or something like that, so that the receiver can have something that they can keep when they need to send the teddy-bear on.

And now………what ‘The AS Travelling Teddybear’ has to offer the community. Well, this is the vital part of the idea I feel. When you get the teddy bear, I think it would be wonderful if you could take a picture of you with the bear. If you don’t feel comfortable with having your photo on the internet, you could take a picture with the teddy holding a piece of paper saying your username, or holding something that is important to you and your healing. There would then be a thread on the boards for you to post the pics.

If you don’t want your address shared , then I would ask that the teddy be sent back to me, and if you trust me with your address, I could then send it on to you.

I’d be willing to organise the whole thing, receiving info from those who wanted to participate and sending out addresses etc. Of course, this all requires a large amount of trust with those involved, trusting that people will send the teddy on and not just keep it, and trusting at least one other person (me) and/or the sender of the teddy with your address, but I feel that trust is a part of this community and I would hope that it wouldn’t be broken. It could also be a step in our progress of healing as we use the opportunity to build trust with others.

I guess I just want to see what people’s opinions are, whether it is something that they would be interested in or think that would work. I of course understand and won’t take offence if this is something people are sceptical about/think won’t work/don’t trust enough.

But as I said to someone else……..when you hug the teddy, its like you're hugging all the people who have had it, or all the people who will go on to have it..........and then you're not alone

Thanks for your time


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I LOVE this idea! I think it's absolutely brilliant! I would like to participate. Thanks for thinking of this Teazle. You rock! :hug: :hug:

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It is a wonderful idea...and very supportive of the fact that we are not alone.

I think that would be just...awesome. I really hope it all comes together...let me know what I can do to help


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Wow Teazle what a wonderful Idea. I would be very excited to participate in this. Thanks for offering to organize it all. I think this could be very comforting to alot of people



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Wooo!!! Great idea!!!!! :D it soooo has to be done!!! *bounces up and down* pweeeez!?

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I like the idea, it reminded me of the thing that happened around the world with the books a few years back ..

:hug: :hug: :hug:

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i think it is a great idea too and would love to participate


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I would love to do this! I think I would cry just getting this in the mail (in a good way of crying).

Let me know if this is going to happen. :clap:

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I love this idea too, this is a lot like something we do with the children at nursery. At nursery each child writes a note to say what 'big ted' (nursery bear) has done, this could be echo'd in a thread maybe about what the bear does or means to us whilst it is with us maybe? ~ just an idea,

anyhow would love to participate too


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I'm so glad you are all enthusiastic about this, I'll definitely get this off the ground and hope that enough people will want to be a part of this so that it can continue.

And dawn - yes, i had the same idea about people saying what having the teddybear meant to them, how they felt when they saw it etc. I thought as well as putting a photo of you and the bear up, you could write something about what it meant, and if you feel that you would like to....mention the keepsake that will be in the parcel and what that means to you.

I'd also love to be able to have a teddybear book, in which I would put everyone's feelings about the teddy, to have a record of all your thoughts and feelings.......that would be an amazing reward for me.

I'm going to see what I can do about organising this more tomorrow, and I'm so glad so many like the idea, I was really worried that no one would want to participate.

thank you so much for your support in this

take care all


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I think this is a wonderful idea... :hug: I think it would be great to hold the teddy in one's arms and know that it has been to so many people you love.

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Tealze I want that Teddy NOW please ..

Thank you ..

:hug: :hug:

Seriously, I think its a great idea and a good way for some of us to regain trust in others, so it benefits people twice ..

And I really do want that teddy now please ..

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

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Hey Teazle!!

Im so in for this too!!!!!

Just a suggestion, It might take awhile but you could organise for the teddy to travel around members who live close together to minimise everyones postage costs instead of flying to like england than australia and back again when we could go around one country then go onto the next.

Great thinking!! Im so excited!!

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i love the isea hun, i definately wanna participate

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Just letting people know that this project is still on track..........an announcement will be made in the next few days.....and I hope everyone is still as enthusiatic as they were when I first suggested this :)

take care all


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