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T All My New Sisters And Bro's!

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Normally, i try to post for each member, but damn, you guys, ganged up on me! :rofl3:

I'm so happy that each of you has joined us, we all have a place here and are a vital part of each other's healing!

You will find that for some of us, our pain is very fresh, and we are still very needy for a loving friend, for some others, as with myself, we have crossed the bridge of healing and though we may still wade in a duckpond of pain, we are here more to be a liferaft that hopefully can tugboat our newer members across the ocean of pain that they cannot yet cross on their own.

If any of you need a strong shoulder, please PM me, as that is where I find my healing now, by helping others.

Blessings my friends , you are loved!!!!

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I loved that analogy that you put down about the boats and I third the welcome. Ang

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Yeah, I'm just Freakin Awesome, a true legend in my own mind!!! :duh::roflmao:

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Have you guys noticed that on Friday nights new membership skyrockets?

Maybe, I'll make that my new gig, while I'm sitting w/ the boys at the skating rink, eh?


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