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New Here...anyone Out There?

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Hi, my name is Kelli. This is all very new to me and a bit scary. Anyone out there?

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Oh hon, was that the WRONG question!

You bet we're here, more than you think. LOL

Welcome , you are loved!

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Welcome to AS, I hope that you find it a helpful place to be .. :hug::aswelcomesu:

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hi i am a new member..i was raped and sexually attacked by my ex husband 4 weeks ago. :cry: i desperately need some 1 2 talk 2 on here...will any 1 help me?..i can not get in the chatroom...why? :cry: i found this site 2 days ago....people on here will know how much i am suffering now coz u have all suffered the same...only a person who has been raped can know how i feel..i do not wanna live anymore coz no matter how many times i shower or bath i can not wash him off :cry: he is following me everywhere i go...even if i was in the bahamas he would be there in my mind........please help me get him away from me 4ever :cry:

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