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New And So Glad (and Sad) To Be Here

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Hi everyone,

I joined AS a few days ago and have replied to a couple of posts, but been too scared to introduce myself - and not quite sure how :blush:

I too am 'glad and sad' to be here, and so grateful to you all. It feels truly wonderful to know that I am not alone, and to be part of such a wonderful community.

I can really feel the love and empathy here, and it gives me hope.

The sadness is that any of us have had to go through the pain and suffering that brought us here. X Alabaster Phoenix

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Welcome to AS, I hope that you continue to find it a helpful place to be ..


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Hi Phoenix, welcome to AS. I don't do a lot of the welcomes because I find the amount of new members astonishing and horrifying. Please take your time when it comes to openning up. I know it can be hard but only do as much as you are comfortable with. I too hope you find what you are in need of here. Please take care of you.

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The beauty of a hello is in the promise of a new friend. This heart is also new, but welcomes you with the same mixture of joy and sorrow you feel. May the hand of joy caress your cheek. *touches head to the ground*

Hello phoenix, beautiful name, welcome.

Forlorn, where are you from, you speak/ write so elegantly? Much love to you both.

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:throb: Love Always, Haullie

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