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I Am Amazed But Saddened

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I look at these numbers of members, and I am amazed that there are so many that feel this 'this'. But at the same time, to see all these numbers is so sad that there are somany feeling 'this'

I only wish that I had found this years ago. I have never felt so liberated and free of so many things..ever. I've accomplished more feelings of 'freedom' in just a couple days, than I have with years of counselling.

Thank you, and hats off to you all



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It is an amazing place, well I think so anyway ..

Can we take a bow then? .. :)

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*joins in with the bows*

you're right.........we are all amazing but its so sad that there are so many of us here, and that we are such a small percentage of the actual number of survivors in the world.

take care of yourself


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Yeah, we're pretty dang cool! I personally, feel very at home in our"tribe", and spend ALOT of time here.

Not sure quite how this goes, but, where 2 or more gather.....

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Welcome to the site Martika. I know this placed has helped me in so many more ways than I could have imagined. I hope you enjoy your time here. I really hope it continues to help. I know I was very suprised to see how many others there are here, it is a little sad. Talk to you soon. Take care.


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Welcome Martika to AS. Yes, it is sad that there has to be a site like this but so lovely that so many lovely brave people who have gone through so much are there when you need them. It helps to know that the feelings that you have after trauma are normal and that you can turn to a group of friends and ask for a hug when life gets too difficult.

Take care. :bighug:


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