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Hi New Here

Guest belovedone

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Guest belovedone

Hello everyone! Well needless to say I’m new ~waves~. Well to tell you the truth I’m pretty new to this whole message board forum thingy… But I see here there is real community of survivors and I want to feel as if I survived something and no longer feel as if I’m a victim of something. Anyways I don’t really know how to introduce my self to everyone but I can say how much I want to release this pain within me… so on that note what I’m trying to say is I’m here for the same reason many people are here. something happened to me and I really don’t want to feel the pain any more and I want to help my self. So with that said and done I hope you can welcome me… but mind you I’m quite shy and it might take awhile for me to have the strength to open up like most have you have. But I really feel as if had someone to talk to I might be able except that I’m alive still after all this time. Well with that out of the way hello it’s nice to meet everyone!

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welcome to AS! :hug:

i'm glad that you have found us and hope that this place can help you begin to heal :hug:

please don't rush yourself- only post when you feel ready!

you will find a lot of support here because everyone's great!


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Welcome to the community sweetie.

You'll come to realise that we are like a world wide based family here, and you've just become part of that. And we're going to give you all the time you need to feel comfortable enough to open up and share with us your fears. And when you do, we'll be waiting here to help chase them away. So please don't feel like you need to jump in and start blurting everything out to feel welcome. You're already welcome just by having the courage to introduce yourself :hug:


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Welcome to After Silence! It's quite understandable that you don't feel comfortable enough yet to share your story. As the others have said already, there is plenty of time and no pressure to jump right in with it. We are a diverse family here... some bold and speak right out, others shy taking some time to find comfort first, which we offer in abundance! Welcome and I hope you find relief and healing here, or at least the beginnings of.



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Guest belovedone

Thank you everyone for being there for me… it’s been along time since I could feel as if someone was there for me, so for that I thank you. I’ll tell you all one thing I feel much happier now that I’m here, and being that I’ve never really said ‘I feel happier now’ is the reason why I think I going to love this place… well I’ll tell you guys a secret after I posted I had a fear that no one would respond. Well all my fears were unfounded and that was a good surprise. Anyways there was one thing I thought my signature was quite depressing So I changed it… I say it’s a improvement. Oh well hope to talk to you all later. And thank you again for being there.

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Welcome belovedone :dance: . No worry about not getting replies around here :up: . Please, take your time to read and post. Nobody expects you to jump in with both feet. Dip your toe in, check out the water, and when it's warm enough for you, come on in!

Take gentle care!


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:hug: belovedone :hug:

Welcome to :throb: After Silence :throb: ! I just love your screen name... You will find that you quickly become a 'belovedone' here. I'm sorry for what ever reason brought you here but I'm so glad you decided to join us! I am looking forward to getting to know you. Please take your time in getting comfortable here and post only when you are ready to. You are not alone here. We will be here for you to listen and support you and this journey of healing.

Please take precious care of yourself.



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Hello and welcome I hope that this place helps on your healing journey ... As for fears that no-one would reply I am afraid no chance here as we all care too much :hug:

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Guest Eclipse

Hello Belovedone, welcome! It is nice to find a place where you feel hearfelt support isn't it? I just found the place too and really like it. Glad to meet you! :)

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