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Trigger Warnings In Chat

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Hi Everyone....

So, I love going into chat and talking with all you fabulous survivors. I enjoy sharing stories, healing tips, jokes, and offering and receiving support when needed.

Although there is one major thing that really bothers me. This is not to anyone specific, we all do it, I just wanted to remind everyone of one of the rules of chat.

We want to help each other and chat is not a place to be sensored... but PLEASE, if you are going to be talking about something that is tough or potentially a trigger for people (something that you think would be a trigger) don't forget to give a warning. When you ask if people mind listening to you talk about something, please add in a trigger warning if needed. Like, "I want to talk about something... possible trigger for alcohol, is everyone ok with that?" I know that we can't predict what will trigger anyone, but there are topics that are relatively common triggers and its probably better to be safe and offer the warning than to inadvertently trigger another member.

Please do not take this the wrong way. I don't want to censor and I want to help others and to know I can share when I need to. But I think the only way to do it safely is to offer the warnings. Once you've done that, it is up to each person in the room to take care of themselves... decide whether they want to stay in the room or switch to pm or something.

I truly do enjoy chat and appreciate ALL of the help I have been given. Just wanted to post a reminder in hopes of making chat a more safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Be well and go gently on yourselves,


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Thank you for having the courage to post this! I agree completely. I love chat and I love listening to fellow survivors and sharing and having fun. Warnings are not censorship at all, but merely consideration for the others in the room who may not be in a good place to hear anything upsetting. We're all at different stages in our healing, and we all have different things that trigger us. It's a horrible feeling to be sent whirling when you didn't see it coming. So I think this is a brilliant rule and I hope everyone takes the second or two necessary to type, "this could be triggering, take care of yourselves", before sharing. :)

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Another thing I thought about is that it is really good to give a trigger warning and reference to what the trigger may be about - but also for people to warn anyone who might come in after the warning has been given - it did happen the other day - someone asked to talk about something - we all agreed - a new person came in just this triggering topic was sent. Perhaps chatters can make it known to new arrivals if a chat mod is not present?

thanks for taking care of each other like this in chat.


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I agree with you three (poet lol). What I usually recommend is to state that it might be triggery and then give a summary of the content. Then ask if everyone is ok with the topic. If majority say yes... you have the green light. Then after getting into the topic a bit, it might be good to double check with the others again at some point, i.e. "you guys still ok with this raw topic?"

It is a great courtesy. It may sound like a lot of check ins but it is not. Usually people are ok with the topics. If they are not they cover the screen, go take a break, or leave chat for a while... any which way they prefer to take care of themselves.

I really appreciate all of you chit chatters. Most of the time, chat is FABU! :)

(((((((((((Athena)))))))))))))))) Thank you for sharing with us.


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