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Hey all... I'm new to this site. I can't afford a psychologist or anything like that, so I thought that this might help.

I was sexually abused as a child. The men who hurt me? Countless. I lost track after my mom's 11th live in boyfriend, and all of the drug related friends that would come over to visit me. My story is long and painful, and I haven't really talked about it. I've eluded to the fact that I was sexually abused, but I haven't actually sat down and talked about it to anyone. Now that I'm getting married, all of my emotions are rising to the surface. I don't know how to cope with the flooded memories...

Scholar_72~ a lost sheep.

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Welcome Mandy :hug:

Hope this can help you a bit. And maybe is there a rape crisis centre that you could go to see someone for free??? don't know if there is but where i'm free there is free counselling at rape crisis centres and with some other organisations

thinking of you

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Welcome to AS :hi:

I know how you feel...I have lost track of all the people who have hurt me. I'm sorry you are going through a rough time.

We're all here for ya!

Molly :hug:

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welcome to AS scholar.

I am so sorry for all that you have been forced to endure.

Take your time here, this is a safe place where your free to be your self and express all that is going on within you.

There is no pressure to speak about anything you not ready to. You do on here what feels right, and safe for you.

You will always be surrpoted, respected and understood here.

I hope you find benifit from being a memebr here, I know i do.

Hope to get to know ya better soon,

xxx sonnet xxx

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Hi there and Welcome to After Silence. I am glad you found the site.

I would also like to agree with Babydoll, in researching free counselling at rape crisis centres, I have received some one to one counselling and group counselling for free.

Congratualations on having the courage to post.


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Hi Scholar,

I can relate to what you are sharing. I'm glad that you are here. There are lots of ways to get support and healing help. I hope that you can read some books as well as there are a lot of healing books out there now.

Good and healing thoughts to you.


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Hi scholar, been there , been through that! LOL Yes, milestones tend to bring it all up, but it can also be a blessing and lead you to a happier life. BLESSINGS!!!!

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Hi, Scholar!

Rape crisis centers that also work with survivors as do local MH agencies -- most have sliding scales so that they're affordable.

Message boards are great but I hope you check these resources out whereever you live.


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Welcome to AS ... :aswelcomesu::hug:

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Hi Scholar! Welcome to AS! I hope you find the support you need here. I've just recently joined, and already, I've found an enormous amount of support.

Good luck.

Bluest Jewel


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:throb: Love Always, Haullie

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