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Hello Everyone.

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Hi my name is Isabelle. I'm new to the board and also pretty new to using a message board. I'm a survivor and have been for almost six years. I thought that I was o.k and now I not to sure. I have no one in my personnel life who has gone through a similar experience like me. When I found this website i was quite excited. I thought that maybe talking to other women who can truly understand my experience might help me.


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Welcome to AS, I hope you find it helpful .. if you are not used to using a message board just take your time ... It can seem daunting at first but it does get easier ..

:aswelcomesu::hug: :hug:

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Guest voiceless000

Hi Isabelle,

Welcome at AS!

Glad you could join us. Hope you settle in quickly.

I've only been here for a short while now, and I have to tell you the people on this site are wonderful human beings. You'll find that out soon.

Take care and keep strong!



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Welcome to the board Isabelle. I found this web site just last Friday and it's been a great comfort. I don't have anyone near that I can talk to either so it's a blessing. It's good to take it slow, read a little at a time. I was so excited that I read for hours and I got triggered. I'm going slower now . . . . . . I hope your experience here is good. :wave:

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Hi Isabelle,

Welcome to this healing site. I know you will find members here to relate to, to get support from and to help you on your healing path.

Good and healing thoughts to you.


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Welcome to AS Isabelle! I felt the same way when I found everyone here! I cannot say enough great things about the people I have met on AS! I hope you find the compassion and support I have here!


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