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Oh boy, I am hoping this is a good forum. I am slipping into the cracks here ladies and gentlemen. I am a survivor of sexual abuse. Today, alright for the last week I can feel myself turning inward again. And so the Survival continues. I guess it is time to do more work, and this time it is feeling real icky!!!! So I am reaching out my hand through this forum.............


Thank You Maya Angelou!!!!!

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JazzyBlu - I'm so glad you're here, too!! A lot of people here will grab your hand and walk you through a vast land of support, encouragement and acceptance. You are very welcome here, and I hope you find the healing you need through this difficult time.


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Welcome jazzyblu - I have found this place and I feel welcome and I hope you find it here too. I'm new to the website but I feel comfort and peace to finally find people who say the things I can't and support each other through these posts. PM me if you need to talk . . .


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:aswelcomesu::aswelcomesu: Welcome! Everyone here is so great! You will come to see how caring, understanding and supportive After Silence is! So glad you are here! We are here whenever you need us, you dont have to work through those icky feeling alone! Hugs to You!


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Hello Dear,

I'm glad that you are here. Reaching out to other survivors is such a great and healing act. We are reaching back to you.

Good and healing thoughts to you.


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:aswelcomesu: I hope you find that support you need here, I think we are pretty good at catching people or holding on to anothers hand if they need it .. :hug: :hug: :hug:
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Hi JazzyBlu. Welcome to the site. I'm relatively new here also and have found it to be so comforting and supportive - especially when those in my personal life can't seem to get it or understand what I'm going through.

Please continue to post. We'll be here for you.

Much love and a big, huggy welcome to you :hug: ,


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