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I don't know how many people here have some for of alcohol/drug addiction... but I was wondering if maybe a forum or sub forum for addiction discussion would be a good idea? Sorry if this has already been asked :blush:

I noticed that 'addiction' is mentioned in the aftermath forum description but I guess I thought that a place for discussion of just that topic would be better... and plus addiction isn't necessarily due to the aftermath of abuse (and might affect secondary survivors too).

Saz x

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Hey Saz,

I just saw your post honey. :)

The Aftermath is the best place to discuss addictions and such, in the title of the forum it is said:


Coping with the aftermath of rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. Also: physical aftermath such as chronic pain, headaches, addiction, etc

To have an actual forum for it, well that would be up to Lindy & Vera.

I hope for that helps honey?

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