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I am not really sure what to say as in intro. I am a 31 year old female.

I thought I had dealt with this and was okay. I realized that I never really dealt with it because I don't know how so I just push it away. I have had some memories surface. I would say resurface but I don't remember them the first time around.

I am going to therapy down to once a week. I now have a name for what I have been going through and it is called PTSD and DID. Mostly the latter. I never associated any of my current difficulties with what happened but I guess they are related; which, is a little easier to say today.

Right now I am trying to learn how to "feel" and I am not comfortable. I know that I supposed to feel. I just don't know how to without "leaving". It is a 26 year cycle that I am trying to learn how to break.

I am also realizing that my past has had an impact on me to a greater extent than I realized. It explains so much as to why I don't understand regular things. Why I just don't get how people are so happy ... How people can be so angry ... what love means ... how you can be married an miss your spouse ... why people get so close to others ... why people can't sense danger in whoever walking down the sidewalk ... why people are not aware of their surroundings ...

Thanks for being here - thanks for listening


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Hi Iammy,

I am glad that you are here. Therapy is important and so I'm glad that you are going. Things come back up again when you are ready to deal with them and heal from them.

I understand about the ptsd and did. Yes they are real connected to having been abused. It is good that you are working on this and that you are here.

Good healing thoughts to you.


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Welcome to AS Iammy. I hope you find what you are looking for here. There are a lot of people going through mixed emotions and trying to understand them. I've found so much support within this group.

Take care.


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