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Essex 1- Me 0, Time To Change That Score. Good, Funny

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Guest crazybeautiful

Great thread! Nice to focus on a positive memory.

-It was new year's eve. My dad turns to me and hands out this stick...that was the first time i was allowed to play with firecrackers. It was the happiest night of my life i think.

-Also, the first time i saw fireworks light up the sky. It was a truly magical moment for me.

Minutes earlier i had just been fighting with my bro, my dad was shouting instructions as usual, mum was panicking...then come the sudden burts of color in the evening sky...and everyone falls silent and just watches the fireworks display. It was an awesome experience for me to have the whole family shut up and be one in those rare moments of silence.

Now when i see fireworks it brings me back to those days when i still had simple pleasures.

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Nice to focus on a positive memory.
Glad you like the idea .. :hug:

One memory from my childhood .. I know that in the US you have different words for some things, so have put the US word in brackets ...

In the 70's we had a car that could only be described as a brick on wheels, an Austin Allegro! Now in the UK at that time Austin cars were fairly dire!

Anyway, on a pretty regualr basis if you slammed the boot (trunk) lid shut the front door would fly open! It's true and if video cameras were around then we could have made money selling that clip to one of these TV programmes!

:hug: :hug: :hug:

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Learning to ride a bike and remembering having the stablizers finally removed by my Father ..

:hug: :hug: :hug:

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Walking down a path to go to a friends house and the spiders webs in the bramble bushes shining like diamonds in the moring dew ...

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Maybe for Christmas, some nice positive Christmas stories, I know a lot of people find Christmas hard because of their past and I hope that they can join in some happy memories ..

So, I think I will go with presents ...

Monopoly .. Used to love playing that and enjoyed gettting the game when I was younger .. I don't play now, but moved on to Scrabble ..

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I have never read this thread before!! Where was I when this one was going??

I have a xmas memory - not sure of the year - but it was when we had a really bad winter - even in the south east! It ight have been 1973 or so - I was about 11/12 and I opened the front door early one morning to find a wall of snow - the whole door way was full!! Luckily it didn't all just fall on me - I would have been buried! - I remember pushing my way through it and stepping out into this world transformed - everything was buried in about 3 foot of snow - it was magical.


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A Christmas memory ..

Candle lit church services and carols .. :)

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Watching the winter storms throwing the waves up against the sea walls, was fairly amazing stuff ..

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I just found this thread and it seems like a lot of fun. Let's see, good childhood memories... my sister and I had these two really good friends and we used to play together all the time. Okay, I'm actually embarrassed to admit this, but we used to play "Home Improvement"...you know, like the TV show. I was Jill, my one friend was Tim, our sisters were the kids (I can't remember their name's anymore lol) and our friends mom was Al. LOL!!! Wow...I loved playing that hehe.

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Welcome to the thread nomoretears .. :)

My memory for today is going to the local sweet shop with our pocket money clutched in hand, and I nearly always used to buy Toffee, and I still love toffee even now .. :)

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