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Giving This Another Go!


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Im 32 year old survivor of CSA. I was introduced to this site by a wonderful friend ;) you know who you are and although the first time I got in here my first few post went missing... Im going to start again.... Here goes... 8 more to go....

Happy to be here


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Hey punjab!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back back again again. So glad you joined and hope to hear you talk like never before.

You are loved.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((Big hugs to my Addy))))))))))))))))))))))))

Ooooooooooa Oooooooooooa



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Thanks Karen!!!


Thanks Sass!!!! You're kicking a** as usual! Love you to bits! Geez you are fast with your reply! Laterz!



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Yeah well... I am on a not so secret mission to welcome you properly! It is good to see you! You are such a great person with a lot of love to share. You'll be a great addition to the team here!

Ooooooooooooa Ooooooooooooooooa

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Addy!! I'm so glad you've joined us. Welcome :)

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*wink* Sass ! You know me well!!!!!!! Love you sweets!

Thanks ))))))))))))))lacrymosa(((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))teazle(((((((((

))))))))against the current((((((((((((

Thanks for all of you for making me feel welcomed here!


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