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Hello. I just joined recently. I have been looking around for some time trying to find a site that seemed helpful because I think I could really use the support, and this is the only one I've found that feels like it might be comfortable and safe. I figured I'd introduce myself because I didn't want to just sit on the sidelines and read, I wanted include myself in the community, but I'm still really anxious about coming forward. I'm a survivor from very early childhood and though I've made great strides in healing, I still struggle a lot and deal with many repercusions, and am extremely guarded about sharng it and who with. But Im hoping this will be a place I can work on some of those struggles.

Sorry I'm really bad at introductions, especially in this situation. Thanks for reading.


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Welcome to AS :hug:

you are very brave for taking this first step!

this place is wonderful, it's full of amazing people who will try to help you on your journey! :wub:

it's good that you want to involve yourself, feel free to post when you are ready- there's no rush just post in your own time! :hug:

i hope you find what you are searching for :wub:

emmax :hug:

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:hug::hug: Consider Yourself Part Of the Family :hug::hug:

Sorry the past brings you here - but really glad you found us.

It really is a wonderful place to hang out as you journey through the myst.

I look forward to getting to know you,

Blessed Be,


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Hi Moonfrog!

Love your nick! Welcome to AS. I know how hard it is to introduce yourself to a new community, especially one for the problems we face, so you're showing an incredible amount of bravery in doing so. I truly hope you find the comfort and support you're looking for here. It goes without saying that I'm sorry for your need to be here but am glad you found a site that appears to be as welcoming as you need. This is one of the best I've seen and the people here are very caring and supportive.



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Welcome,i hope u find wot u need here!!!!

:hug: & :wub:

Sookie xoxox

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Guest Neesie


I am new here as well, but I have found this is a wonderful place with sincere people. Take good care and go at a speed that feels safe and comfortable for you.




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I just wanted to thank everyone for welcoming me, it really helped allay some of my fears. It really helps to have people to talk to who not only understand but are also so warm and caring! :hug:


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