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I'm new, and for a while now have just been looking around seeing what others here have written. I guess my question is, does anyone else ever feel like you will never recover from all of this? I am in counseling, and I realize that this is a very recent trauma, but I just feel like I am making no progress at all, crying all the time, no motivation, and constantly being scared. I just wonder if this is all normal.....

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Welcome Kendall! I am new here as well. I often feel as though i will live the rest of my life the way i am now and never get any better. Its been almost 3 years for me and i still feel the same as i did 2 years ago...i feel like i will take 1 step forward and 8 steps back. But i can tell you that you are in a good place here. Everyone i have talked to here has been very supportive and very helpful. Im sure that we might feel like this for another 4 or 5 years but i hope one day we can start to feel a little better. If you need to talk then i am here.

Take Care :hug::hug::hug:


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Welcome to AS. Wish I could say that all of this will be gone within a year but most likely not. Just takes time and patience and a lot of hard work. But oh so gradually it does start to heal. Take care.


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Hello Kendall,

Welcome to this friendly and supportive group here. The feelings you are talking about are totally normal - I felt these myself. It's been just a little over 3 years for me and I find that I get more good days than bad days now; everyone's recovery depends on the support they get and how they deal with it. For me, I just work my way through, bit by bit, and being a part of this forum has already given me some comfort. Just one more piece in place, towards the puzzle of recovery.

I wish you well.


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Welcome to AS, glad to have you here this is a great group of caring people. :hug:

I understand how you feel about the not making progress but I hear that in time you can, not sure if I believe that myself because it hasnt happened for me, however I am very hopeful that someday the healing will begin. :bighug:

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Hi Kendall,

Yes I can relate. Been there, for sure.

I have seen a lot in my healing work and something that I see over and over, is that survivors only rarely see their progress, even though they are making good healing progress and work. Hang in there, give yourself some love and self-care to help you get through. Get support and believe in yourself. It is hard, I know, but being here is a great healing thing to do.


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Greetings and welcome to After Silence my dear!

I’m glad you found us.. I think you will find that this is a very friendly and supportive place to be. I hope you find it incredibly helpful as I have. :)

I’m looking forward to seeing you around the forums and getting to know you a little better.

Feel free to PM me if you ever need to talk. I’m always here to listen.

Take care and best wishes for 2007 hun :hug:

Much love from Leah XxX

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