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Guest PaigE

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Guest PaigE

Hi everybody I'm new here. My name is Paige. I've actually spent alot of time on this website just reading everyones stories and such and wasn't sure if I should register or introduce myself, which I myself am not a survivor of sexual abuse but my mother is. So really I just wanted to learn more about this to understand more things about my mother.

Since she was abused, she actually became an abuser her self. Not sexually about physically, mentally, emotionally and verbally. She abused me and both of my sisters when we were younger. So by doing reserach I'm now aware of the reasons why she did the things she did to us. Because she herself was abused. I'm really proud of my mother because she finally got help and is fixing herself and coming to terms with what happened to her as a child, and I have forgiven her for what she has done. I kind of look at it as she did the things she did because she was so angry and had so much hate inside her she just took it out on the wrong people.

All of you on this site are so brave and such loving people, I just had to introduce myself to ya'll and I hope I get to know all of you more. I'm here to get a better understanding and hopefully make some new friends, and listen to what all of you have to say.

So hello and I hope I get to know all of you soon! :bighug:

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I paige i hope u find more understandin as u read,mayb u can encourage ur mom 2 come here?!?!?(or let her know there r these places as there r heaps of em.....)

Hope u find this place helps u 2 help ur mom more.....

:hug: & :wub:

Sookie xoxox

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Welcome to After Silence. I'm sorry for what you and your mother have been through. I hope we are able to help you out and I hope you find what you are looking for here.

Take precious care,

:kitty: Tracy

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Welcome, to help your Mum in this way is a great act on your part and I hope that you can find help and support for you both here :hug:

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Welcome to After Silence. I'm sorry for the reasons that brought you here, but I am glad you have found us. Hope you find amazing support and encouragement here as I have.

Take gentle care,


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Welcome to the forum! :)

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