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Hello, Everyone


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I am probably old enough to be most of you-all's mother, and have spent many years coming to terms with who I am and why, but I now have several friends and patients who are in need of just such a site and service as this, so am climbing aboard too. The road to where I am has been bumpy, but the view is lovely. For all those still climbing, go for it--full speed ahead! The memories don't go away, they just lose their power over you eventually. I am very glad to find this site and hope that it provides just the strength that too many of us need. Happy New Year everyone!

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Hi Mari :hi:

Welcome to AS.....Thank you for your words of encouragement, It's always nice to read posts like this one....Look forward to seeing you around more.....Happy New Year to you too...:)

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Hi Mari :hi:

It's always nice to have a member be able to let others know that there is a way through all of the trials we go through as survivors. The view for me is getting better and better every day. :) Welcome to AS. :hug:

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Ello and welcome to After Silence Mari!

Your words of encouragement are much appreciated. :) Looking forward to seeing you around the forums and getting to know you a little better. I hope you find this place to be as splendid and supportive as I have.

Take care and best wishes for the new year hun :hug:

Much love from Leah XxX

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hye mari, welcome to AS, I am glad you found us. I lok forward to getting to know yabetter soon, till then take good care of you,


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