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Hi. I am new to this. I was molested for awhile and raped once when I was a child. I am now almost 29 and only my husband knows. I have never given details to anyone. For some reason over the past year I have been having nightmares and having it on my mind a lot. I thought it was just gone and in the past. I found this site and thought maybe reading about how other people dealt would help me to.

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Hi silent... welcome to AS. I hope this can be a new begining for you of not being silent.

I so understand it seeming like it's gone and then it springs up again. I just want you to know that's normal.

Take your time. Share what you want, whenever you want. We're here.


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HI! Welcome!

I hope it helps you. You have a great network of supporters here.

Take you time, and don't feel rushed to tell us anything. We're here no matter what you need, even if you just need to vent.

And I know how hard it is to talk to anyone about what happened. Its easier to just supress it huh? I guess we're all like that at some point. I hope it does get better for you.

Take care!

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HI Silent,

Congrads on finally breaking the silence! You are very brave to join us at AS and most welcome. Post as often as you like becuase this is a safe place and we are all here for each other.

You dont have to cope all alone. Sometime is does appear easier to suppress the traumatic events however you may find it a releif to process your thoughts/feeling/confusion.

Whatever it is you are feeling, you can pretty much guarentee that there are people here that know exactly what your going through.

Best wishes, and again congrads on having the courage to finally speak out.

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Ello and welcome to After Silence my dear :)

Looking forward to seeing you around the forums and getting to know you a little better. I hope you find this place to be as splendid and supportive as I have.

Take care and best wishes for the new year hun :hug:

Much love from Leah XxX

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Hello and Welcome, Silent :hug:

I'm new too, just starting to face up to what happened to me. I know what you mean about thinking it's over & in the past, but I'm 38 now and realising that it wasn't something I could just put behind me.

You've found a wonderfully supportive place where everyone understands. I look forward to getting to know you :)

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