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Hello - Just Joined...

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Hello! I just joined. I am a survivor, it has been about 15 yrears since my attack. Hope that doesn't scare anyone, the fact that I still seek sights like this after 15 years I mean.

I am proud of where I am today, it took a lot of hard work to get to my happy place, but the fact is I am a survivor and the attack will forever be part of me & yes, it still gets to me sometimes.

It happened on Christmas and so this time of year gets tough for me. It was a stranger.

Anyway - glad to be here, glad to have a place like this to go to.



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Hi RD! Welcome to AS.

You don't scare me. I could have written your post... except make it 26 years. :blush:

It's so nice to know we're not alone. Hope you find some comfort here among friends. :)

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Welcome to AS! :)

I'm glad to hear you are proud of the hard work you have done, you have every right to be proud of your healing!

I'm sorry this time of the year is tough for you, but I'm sure you already know how understandable and valid your feelings are. :tealribbon:

We are here to chat, listen, laugh or cry... lonely times are less lonely when you are in the company of people who understand you.

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