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New registrants - please do NOT register using your real name (or anything resembling such) - your privacy is important to us and real-name registrations will be deleted. Please re-register with an anonymous display name. ×
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Please No Multiple Usernames.

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Hi, :hi:

We wish to remind everyone that you are only allowed ONE username. This is essential to keep the Board safe and clear for all the members.

If a member has more identities, we have to delete/ban all the accounts as multiple usernames are a violation of our rules and guidelines.

The moderators are here to work with you. We have tools that allow us to see when one member registers with multiple identities. To avoid problems, please make sure that you are aware of our Rules and Guidelines. They are written for you and for your protection.

Thank you,

After Silence Moderators

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I would like to kindly remind everyone that re-registering another username is in violation of our forum guidelines and may lead to permanent banning from the board.

Please do not ask for your account to be deleted just to make another new account. If you need your username changed, please send me a private message instead of re-registering a new username.


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