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hey everybody. just joined today and been reading all your stories, i think you're all amazing. just a quick intro, hoping someone can give me some advice...three and half months ago i was raped by a taxi driver on the way back to my uni accomodation. ended up being taken to hospital and reporting it to the police etc but they havent found him. a week later i went home for the summer holidays and have only come back to uni last weekend. all over summer i was mostly fine, really didnt think it had bothered me that much. but now im back at uni and going out most nights etc iv started thinking about it all the time and having really bad dreams. i dont want this to affect my life like this but whenever i get in a taxi here im petrified the taxi man is going to turn round, ask me where i want to go and it will be him. im normally really bubbly and happy but everyone keeps asking whats wrong and i cant tell them. iv also got an hiv test on monday, had all theother tests and they were all fine but apparently you have to wait three months before having this test, im really worried about it. sorry this is so long, dont think i should have written so much in the introduction forum, sorry! katiex

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Welcome to After Silence. I'm really sorry you've gone through such a terrible encounter. I hope you find support and encouragement here. After Silence is a wonderful, safe haven...make yourself at home.


Lindy :hug:

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Welcome to AS!!!!!

We are so very happy you are here and we are here to love and support you on this journey.

God bless,



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Hi Kate,

Maybe you can look in the cab at the driver before you get in, in order for you to feel more secure. I HOPE YOU DON'T MIND ME THROWING ADVISE OUT TO YOU. It's just a thought.

Your going to go thru ups and downs but we will be RIGHT HERE to support you.

Welcome my dear, welcome

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hi and welcome to AS - also not sure what it is like where you live but we have many female taxi drivers here - if you can bok in advance then you migt be able to get a woman driver

best wishes


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