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Board Rules & Posting Rules

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Updated on 06/08/2022
(Changes in Italics)

Please read all the Board Rules & Posting Rules BEFORE posting. Thank you.

After Silence is open to all survivors of sexual violence and while we appreciate and encourage a free exchange of information and ideas, we also ask that you follow a few basic rules. By accessing and/or participating in the After Silence Message Board you agree to the following Board Rules and Posting Rules.

Board Rules:

1. After Silence welcomes all survivors of sexual violence. However, you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and older to join. While unregistered guests have access to a few public forums, private forums are confined to survivors of rape and sexual violence.

2. Secondary survivors are also welcome in this board. However, the majority of forums are only accessible to survivors. Secondary Survivors are required to select their status at the time of registration, and are automatically assigned to the appropriate User Group. If you are a secondary survivor supporting a member of this community, you MUST obtain permission from her or him before joining. Because we are first and foremost a community designed for survivors, survivors may at any time choose to have their supporters removed from the board.

3. Members may have only one username per person. If for any reason you no longer feel comfortable with your username, please contact a moderator and ask for assistance. Creating a second account without notifying a moderator first, and particularly if for the purpose of impersonating another user, is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent loss of posting privileges. Registering a username for someone without notifying a moderator first will result in loss of posting privileges and will automatically ban your account. If another person in your household wishes to access this board from the same computer, alert a moderator first and ask for assistance.

4. For those members with DID, alters are not allowed to post on the boards or participate in Zoom Chat Sessions. After Silence is not a board that is able to support and moderate these posts. It does present as an issue of safety to have alters posting because you, as the member, cannot always control what is being written or be aware that anything is being written. It can leave other members confused as to what is happening. It is unfair to ask any staff member to decipher when an alter is safe or not as it is beyond their scope of experience. After Silence staff are not therapists and therefore are not able to support members around these issues.

5. All decisions regarding banning of members are made by the moderators and are final. In addition, moderators may at their discretion move, close, edit, or delete questionable content. Please keep in mind that moderators are volunteers who generously give their time to help board users, and are here to ensure that all members are safe and able to benefit from this Board.

6. You should not provide any personal information about yourself or your children in this board. This includes, but is not limited to, your last name, social security number, telephone number, address or any email address or chat username that uses your full name and any such information may be deleted by moderators. References to other chat platforms may be deleted by moderators upon review of the site.

7. If you are having a personal issue with another member of this board, try to resolve it with them FIRST, by Private Messenger (PM). If you need further assistance, please contact one of the moderators. Public opinions are welcome, but attacks (or hidden attacks) to members are not. Posting personal attacks back and forth between you and another member of this Board may result in a loss of posting privileges.

8. Spamming in any form is not tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, commercial listings, promotion of commercial and/or personal websites, etc. Active members of the board are of course encouraged to share their personal websites and suggest helpful resources. However, registering for the sole purpose of promoting your website or other people's website, book, or event is considered extremely rude. If you only wish to promote something of benefit for survivors, please contact us at aftersilence[@]aftersilence.org instead and, upon review of your material, we will be more than happy to promote it on your behalf.

9. Requests for money, housing, sheltering, transportation, or similar activities are not allowed. If needed, moderators are available to help members with referrals to appropriate agencies and organizations.

10. This Board is not meant to be a substitute for professional counseling or therapy. If you are looking for a crisis center in your area, please visit RAINN at http://www.rainn.org. The administrators and moderators of this board are not professionals. This is a message board created by survivors for survivors.

Rules about posting, images and signatures.

1. Survivors heal in different ways. Please have an open mind and show everyone here respect and support.

2. If your post is going to contain graphic details or triggering material, please add the *T* (Trigger) sign to the title. The *T* symbol applies to anything triggering you may decide to post.

3. Please try to keep all posts in the right forum. If you are not familiar with the different forums, please read the description of the forums before posting. Any post located in the wrong forum may be moved by one of the moderators.

4. Hate posts, discrimination, and personal attacks will be deleted and may result in having the privilege of posting on this board revoked. Again, please have an open mind and show everyone respect and support.

5. Erased posts will be removed and deleted. If you have deleted your post, please mark it as deleted. However, if the first post in a thread has been deleted, the entire thread will be removed.

6. Please do not debate on religion. You are free to discuss religious beliefs and their healing effects on you as long as you don't try to force your own beliefs on others.

7. Please do not post suicide notes or threats. While we are here for one another and wish to help one another through difficult times, we cannot help someone who is thinking of killing herself or himself. The situation needs to be handled by professionals. If you are thinking of suicide, please contact the police, a local hotline, or RAINN (1-800-656-HOPE). You can also view a list of helplines here: Helplines & Resources. Posts containing suicide notes or good-bye letters will be edited or deleted.

8. Please do not use colored text in forum posts. Colored text can be hard on the eyes and distracting. Choosing to use a different color on a special occasion is just fine (for birthday wishes for example).

9.No swearing is allowed on topic titles. Swearing is permitted, but only on the post itself. Please be sure to add a trigger warning when swearing in a post.

10.Topic titles such as these: (..................) are no longer permitted. You may or not be contacted for corrections, please keep this is mind when posting.

11. Under any circumstances, do not post the name of your abuser or perpetrator unless he or she has been convicted of the crime. This protects After Silence from legal issues.


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