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Welcome to AS. Take as much time as you need. We're all here for you.


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same goes for the hi, welcome, post and we love you thing but also congrats on finishing highschool. when i had to go to work my junior year i went to independent study and it was for the best. i didn't function well with my peers who were worried about homecoming and football games and i don't think i would have finished otherwise. it takes guts to take responsibility for your life and you should be proud of yourself! anyway, i tend to gush and all i wanted to say was good to have you here. don't worry about posting right away. if you lurk and read everything (like i did!) eventually you will find a thread you can't help but reply to. love kaylin

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:butterfly::chat:Welcome to After Silence! :bighug::hug:

We are SO glad that you are making this healing journey with us.

Love & Hugs, Haullie

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