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Hi, my name is sueellen and I am a survivor of date rape from long ago. A year and a half ago I started to deal with the after effects and I am trying this site to see if it helps me not feel so isolated. Will try and give more when I am able

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Hi Sueellen,

Welcome to After Silence. Talking with other survivors has helped me immensely, and I hope that you too will feel less isolated here.

Make yourself at home! :hug:

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Hello sueellen,

I am deeply sorry for what you have gone through. Thank youfor having the courage to come here and break your silence. You are in a safe and supportive community. many many welcomes to you.

Love, Haullie

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Dear Sue Ellen,

Welcome to After Silence. This is a wonderful community of support and I have found it greatly helpful to talk with others who understand my experience. I'm glad you found us! Make yourself at home.

~Ellie Mae

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I just wanted to say Hi and let you know that this does help. I was raped by my ex-boyfriend 8 years ago, and just started dealing with it a few months back. I was almost ready to give up when I found this site at the request of a counselor and it feels to comforting to know you are not alone and talk with others who understand the struggle. Be proud of yourself that you are dealing w/ it--it takes a lot of courage. Best Wishes, PM me anytime

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:tealribbon: The problem of isolation is a common one for survivors. We can break our isolation here. It's a safe place. Welcome! :hi:
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:butterfly::chat:Welcome to After Silence! :bighug::hug:

We are SO glad that you are making this healing journey with us.

Love & Hugs, Haullie

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