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Hello I'm Alex..


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Hi everyone,

I guess i'll try to introduce myself a little bit here. :)

I'm Alex, I'm 15 years old. I'm from The Netherlands.

Much has happened in the past, it has only been stopped a couple months ago.

I now live in fosterfamilies, but no, it was not my family that did it.

I'll try and explain some more in another topic.

If you've got anything to ask, don't hesitate.



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:hug: welcomt to AS you will find alot of support

from some great people. So sorry you are going

threw so much espically at such a young age. But

you are strong because you are.

Lots of :bighug: sent your way

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Dear Alex,

Welcome to After Silence. I am glad that you are out of the situation now, but I understand too that being in foster families can be hard as well. I hope you find the support and love you need here on After Silence. You're worth it! Take good care of you hon.

~Ellie Mae

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:butterfly::chat:Welcome to After Silence! :bighug::hug:

We are SO glad that you are making this healing journey with us.

Love & Hugs, Haullie

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