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Im New And Dont Know How To Deal With This

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hi. my name is jenna, im 19 and this is all still a massive shock to me and i dont know how to deal with it. i feel very scared and feel like im never going to be able to leave the house and go outside even. i feel like everything has taken fom me...i cant go to university now, just feel very frightened and very alone and isolated. i hope joining will somehow make me feel i have the strength to beat this..

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Hi and welcome to AS. I am so sorry that this has happened to you - there is lots of friendship and support here for you

best wishes


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thank you karen. i really hope so, just feel so scared right now.

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Hi. Welcome to AS :hi:

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time but glad you found us. We are here to help and support!

You will get through this! :hug::hug::hug:


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Hello, I've just joined too. I am really sorry for what you are going through...I know how much it hurts. I too am meant to be going to university soon, but I can't even think about that right now. I feel as though I want to be cocooned somewhere, away from everything. I wish I could say something to help you and make everything better. I wish someone could do the same for me. I just keep hoping that one day, we will all heal...

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thank you beautifully-broken. as soon as it gets dark or near to getting dark i get realy freaked out...i feel very on edge....i dont know how this will go away and how i will ever get through this and heal...will we ever heal completely??? its getting dark now in london..erm i cant even stay at home, staying at my best mates house going home 2night or 2moro...dreading it...i dont know what to do on how to deal/cope with this...i feel just so alone and like im marked forever...carrying this burden forever and hurt with me. trying to be positive..but i feel guilty for getting away..did i deserve this..is that why this has happened to me? i just dont understand why this happened to me. and now like u said cant even think about going to uni etc now..im so all over the place and crying all the time...and always feeling anxious, panicky..suffering from panic attacks alot..i feel like i dont belong here anymore..just feel separate from the world. i wish i could erase all of this..but u know how it is. sorry for being so cynical and upset..

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These are very natural feelings and reactions, not that they aren't very scary and hard to deal with, but know that your not alone in them or that you are bad for having them. You absolutely did NOT deserve this, and the reason it happened to you is because there are sick people out there who prey on people. It's not fair and it shouldn't have happened, but its not because of anything you could have done. Don't be sorry for being upset, because it was upsetting what happened, and the fact that your naming your feelings and talking through them is great. We are all here for you and you are in our thoughts. I'm so sorry you are in this pain. :::Safe hugs::: You will get through this.

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