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I, too am so sorry to hear you were treated that way. The people I have met here are not like that. You did not deserve what happened to you at all, and now you are in a safer place to express your emotions. Feel free to contact me anytime!

Please take care!

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Welcome to PJ, so glad you are here, I will certainly respect and support you here,as I want the same.There are soooo many myths out there...."it's can't happen to a man.." Crazy stuff like that...acts of violence, intimidation and control could happen toanyone. I think when people react that way they feed their own denial as a protective self measure, because if they had to look truly in their hearts, it woud terrify and threaten their view of a safe world, and "not in my back yard...etc... I fully support all of us who found this safe beautifiul place to connect. Hope to chat online with you, welcome

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Welcome to AS. I think you will find this to be a very welcoming, accepting and supportive place.

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I'm happy to see such a show of support. I'm always terrified that I'm out of line for spending time here.

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