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Quick Introduction

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I am the spouse and father of survivors. I had always suspected my wife, of 26 yrs., was abused by her father but it turned out to be her older brother. I have known this for about 6 months now. Last month I learned that our 19 yo. daughter was abused at about 9-10 yo.

Right now I do have words for all the emotions. I have been reading here for about a week and think it is time to introduce myself. I hope to find some understanding, strength, and hope.

Thank you for listening


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welcome! I'm so sorry that your family is dealing with this, but it is a breath of fresh air that you love your family enough to care about their healing (suprisngly a lot of familes don't).

I hope you find a lot of support here and any information that could help your family get through this better.

take care. :hug:

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Hey qb,

Welcome. I'm a secondary, too -- my fiance is a survivor of childhood rape and abuse. Know how you feel -- the mess of emotions is overpowering. This is a great place to come when you're at a loss. Great people here.

You're a strong and amazing man, supporting your spouse and daughter after learning that. A lot of men aren't there for the survivors in their lives.

Welcome, and good healing


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Hi, I am Donna, I am 46 and a survivor of sexual incest. I am so pc illiterat I had tried to contact you before but I don't know how to get myself around a message board and I apologize for any inconvienence.

There seems to be something about 10 posts on this board.

I created a 1 time email address. Like the name says, good for 1 time, try it.



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Welcome to AS :hi:

We are glad to have you here and hope that you find the support you need.

Your wife and daughter are blessed to have you in their lives. I think it is incredible caring and loving of you to seek to understand what they have been through. I know it is hard on you as well. I wish I knew how to help with that part of it but honestly, I don't.

I am sure any of us here are more than happy to answer any questions or offer any support or advice whenever you may need it.


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