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Hi my names Rachael,

I'm new to this forum and to the internet in general. I have been searching the internet to find a site like this. Just to be able to communicate with other people who can understand where I'm comming from and having some annonimity is pretty important for me because I'm still having to deal with people who give me a hard time, who mininmize what I've been through and some people who don't believe me.

I was repeatedly raped by my ex, I finally went to the police he was charged with a number of rapes against me but he was only found guilty of the last rape. I don't know why he got away with the other rapes but I can only guess that it's because of a lack of evidence. I'm planning to leave where I live because he will be coming up for parole next year and I don't want to be around when he gets out. Even though he's in jail I'm still getting harrassed by him through the family court because he wants access and I don't want the kids to be submitted to his mind games.

so that's pretty much my story.

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Welcome Rachael

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Welcome to After Silence Rachael :hi:

You have shown a lot of courage by pressing charges against your abuser, be very proud of yourself. I wish the justice system had done you real justice. Unfortunately, we all know too well that very few perpetrators get the sentence that they deserve. No matter what, he will now be a registered sex offender, which means that if he ever does it again he will get to spend a much longer time behind bars.

Make yourself at home, and know that no one will question your words here. We believe you.

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No matter what, he will now be a registered sex offender, which means that if he ever does it again he will get to spend a much longer time behind bars.

I am proud of myself about that because it wasn't easy, it really wasn't easy,

but I was lucky because I couldn't have done this without the help of the cops and my lawyer, I know not everyone gets such a good experience of police but the cops that helped me seemed to be well educated about rape and domestic violence. They caught him out with his lies and they gained his trust and he confessed to the last rape on a video interview :) . I think that confession made all the difference in court

I think that if it weren't for survivors and their supporters the cops that helped me wouldn't have been so well educated. It wasn't long ago that you could legally rape your wife where I'm from, so I am grateful for the people who have had the courage to speak out before me, because if it weren't for them we would still be living in the "dark ages" and I couldn't have taken anymore. When I am stronger I hope I can do something to help I don't know what, I guess it sounds abit soppy. Anyway...

Thanks for all the welcomes, It really is good to get so much positive reinforcement thanks every one.

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Welcome to AS ..:hug:

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Welcome, Rachael. We do understand and we're all here to support each other. :tealribbon:

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sorry for everything you have been through. i hope you find this place to of much help.

God bless,

kristine :tealribbon:

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