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Guest Sonshines

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Guest Sonshines

Hi, everyone.

Just found this board. Been looking for online support group for a while now. Looks like a great bunch of people!

Been in therapy a long time but the past couple of years started having flashbacks again. Now I'm home from work on medical leave, my doctor thinks I should apply for long-term disability, and I'm not functioning well. It's been a scary time. I'm broke and trying to get monetary assistance, but since I had a job I'm not eligible, etc. etc. It's frustrating and impeding my healing from recent events.

Have I found people who know what the heck I'm talking about? Sure hope so.

Best to you all.

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(((((( Sonshines ))))))))))

Welcome to our little group, glad you found us, but sorry that you have a reason to be hear.

I am at the moment waiting for a decision, re disability Living allowance.

I already get mobility allowance, low rate, due to having panic attacks, when going out, need support worker to accompany everywhere.

But it is not easy, as you have to explain, why, you have panic attacks etc, but to get it, we have to be brave, although that is maddening, the words, should explain everythin, sexual abuse, but it does'nt, need more info!!

Do you have a citizen advice bureau in your area, they are really good at helping people to get the right benefits, and will help you to fill the form, they know the jargon to use.

Hope you settle down here quickly, everyone is very supportive.

Love catherine

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(((((( Sonshines ))))))))))

Welcome!! Please make yourself at home and feel free to post anytime you want. :)

(((( hugs ))))


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