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I guess I am unsure how to move forward with this. Some say wow you are a survivor, however, I mostly disagree, I live with my abuse every day, it's there all the time. I was abused by my father my whole childhood, of course it was a secret and I have major issues trying to convince myself I don't have to still keep it a secret. I am hoping to connect with anyone who can relate to this and how they have moved on. Thank you, look forward to meeting others soon.

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Welcome to AS @Tahnya! I'm glad you found your way here, though I'm terribly sorry for what you've gone through. It was cruel and undeserved. A parent is supposed to love and protect you, not harm you in the way your father did. I'm so sorry. You're not alone, though. You'll find a lot of friendly and supportive people in this community, many who can relate. Sending you lots of well wishes and support on your healing journey. ❤️ 


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Hi Tahnya and welcome to the community.

I am very sorry for all the abuse you endured by your father. It was unfair, unkind, and undeserved. A child should always feel safe, especially with their parents. You have found a very supportive community with many understanding and kind members. I am sure (sadly) you will find many that can relate. 

As for the secret-keeping...it is not a surprise that it can still be difficult to let go of. We learn from our parents and other adults, but when they teach you the wrong things...it is very hard to unlearn. Shame on him for manipulating a still developing young mind. Shame on him for hurting you. 

I am glad you have found us. I believe you will find this a safe and healthy place to be. Feel free to look around and interact with others when and where you feel comfortable in doing so. Do know...you are not alone. 

Wishing you the best as you navigate forward on this path we call healing.



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