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Finally beginning round 2 of therapy

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Hello. I am a 40 year old man, and am a survivor of both CSA and CSAM/CSEM.

I tried therapy about 7-8 years ago. Never really opened up, therapist, as usual, quit and went elsewhere. Never followed up. I'm finally ready to try again, and start seeing a trauma therapist in March.
I actually used to have an account here, about 3-4 years ago, but for the life of me, I cannot remember my username or email I used. I think I'd only posted an introduction, I wasn't ready to open up.
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Hello Vargr! I am Wanna :flowers:

Welcome back then, I am glad you gave this forum and your healing another shot. 

I am sincerely about your trauma, nobody should know this kind of pain. We all have unique stories in this community, but we tend to relate to one another. This is a safe place for all survivors to connect, exchange support and vent. You decide what to share, of course. Therapy is a frequent subject here, so if you'd feel the need to discuss it, I am sure many can relate to your situation. 

I'll send you a PM with some information, and you are invited to contact me or any staff for questions, assistance or some company. We are here for you :notalone:

Please stay safe, and welcome back to AS! 

/ W ☀️

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Hi Vargr and welcome. 

I am so sorry for the trauma you've endured as a child. It was not right or fair. You have found a supportive community with many understanding and kind members. I do believe one needs to be ready to gain support and I am glad you find that now is the time for you. It's never easy to reach out...here or to a therapist, but it can be worthwhile steps to move your forward. 

Feel free to look around and interact where you are comfortable. We are here for you.

Also, as a side note, if you remember any of your former user information, feel free to contact a site moderator or post it at the help desk. Even with one post, we can combined the two accounts or officially inactivate the other account. We will also contact you, if this account pings the other account...and we can review the same options with you. If neither happens, the other account will just stay as unofficially inactive. 

Again, welcome to the community. I wish you many healing steps forward on this path we call healing.



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Welcome back. I'm glad you are giving therapy another try. Sometimes you just have to find the right therapist for it all to click. I hope that you are able to feel more comfortable this time around. 

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Thank you all for the warm welcomes. Yeah, I cannot, at all, recall what username or email I used. 

Yeah, therapy starts up again in March. I'm nervous, but I know I need it.

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4 hours ago, Vargr said:

Thank you all for the warm welcomes. Yeah, I cannot, at all, recall what username or email I used. 

Yeah, therapy starts up again in March. I'm nervous, but I know I need it.

We need to get outside our comfort zones in order to grow. Therapy can be a lot of things, it can feel soothing, detoxing, numbing, scary... but in the long run, we'll see benefits. Be honest with your therapist about how you're feeling. They can work better with you if they know. Wishing you luck on that ☀️

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